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Explosion Incident


  1. Before an Explosion incident
  2. During an Explosion incident
  3. After an Explosion incident

1.Before an Explosion incident

1. Secure heavy, large objects to avoid flying debris.
2. Identify areas that would be safe in case of an unexpected explosion.
3. Ensure chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances are properly secured.

2.During an Explosion incident

1. Immediately take cover under sturdy furniture, covering neck and head with your hands and close your eyes.
2. Once you feel it is reasonably safe, evacuate using the stairs to the building assembly location.
3. “CALL 999, KU SECURITY OFFICE: 0725 471487 / 0723 3772305 AND FIRE EMERGENCY: 0721 820724 / 0721 813481”.

3.After an Explosion incident

1. Evacuate the building using only fire escapes and stairs.
2. Gather at the building assembly location and take a head count to ensure all staff members are accounted for.
3. Do not enter any building until it has been declared safe by Disaster Response Team.