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Bicycle Safety

  • Use a U-Bolt style lock for your bicycle. Attach lock through a wheel, the frame and a stationery object such a bicycle rack.
  • Keep a record of your bicycle’s make model colour of frame number
  • Engrave the bicycle to defer thieves of to help in identifying and returning a stolen bicycle. Mark your identification in two different locations on non-removable parts.
  • Report any suspicious behavior you see around the bicycle racks. Never leave your bicycle unattended anywhere.
  • Make sure that the bicycle cannot be lifted over what you are locking it to.
  • For bicycles with quick release wheels, lock both wheels and the frames to a secure structure.
  • Remove components with quick release levers such as seats, lights and saddle bags.
  • Make the lock as awkward as possible to get at.
  • Before you walk away from your bicycle, do a quick check that your lock is really secure and there are no easily removable items.
  • Make sure that in parking and locking your bicycle you are not impeding pedestrian or handicap access.